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*rips off her shoes*

You're spinning!

*looks around*

Hullo? Is anyone gonna spin the Twister Spinner thing?

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*spins the spinner with her tail* Left hand green!
Hmmm....this one looks good.

*looks around for the next spin*
*spinspin* Left foot bluuuuuuue ...
This is easy! Only two body parts on the mat!


*looks around nervously*

Please don't hurt me on the next spin!
*spin.* Heeeheee ... Right hand greeeeeeeen!
Now, with both hands and one foot on the mat of doom, I realize that my position is dangerous at best.

*swallows nervously*

I'm ready for your next spin!

*tries to cross fingers*

I hope I don't have to stay here all friggen night.

I'm kinda retarded because I can't figure out how to post a new topic in this community (normally they have a little pencil button to post something), so I'm just posting in comments. I was smart enough to figure that out. So somebody please help me!!!!
Take cow (only don't),